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School Bags


Protect Delicate Lace Underware and Lingerie Using Washing Nets.

Protect Underware and Delicates

Protect delicate lace underware and lingerie in the washing machine using washing nets. Our recommended products are:

Washing Net Bags

Washinnet™- Polyester Net Bag

The below Small, Medium and Large Laundry Net bags in retail packaging for resale.

Please call for details.

Small Net Bag

Washing Net - Small Polyester Net Bag

Zipped net bag. Ideal for small items such as baby clothing items, pair of socks, etc.

23cm x33cm
(9" x 13")

Medium Net Bag


Washing Net - Medium Polyester Net Bag

Zipped net bag. Used for 5-6 pairs of socks or other light-weight items of clothing, such as undergarments.

43cm x 43cm
(17" x 17")

Large Net Bag

Washing Net - Large Polyester Net Bag

Features a 5mm autolock zip suitable for undergarments or your favourite sweatshirt, net curtains, lightweight slacks, etc.

43cm x 61cm
(17" x 24")

Extra Large Net Bag

Washing Net - Extra Large Polyester Net Bag

Features an autolock coil zip with Nickel plated puller for extra strength. Ideal for commercial use such schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

58cm x 86cm
(23" x 34")

Bra Bag

Bra Bag - Polyester Mesh Bag

Zipped mesh bag. Close strong weave to minimise the possibility of the hooks on bras from snagging other items in the washing.

35cm x 38cm
(14" x 15")


All sizes are approximate.

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