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Keep Your Numnahs Like New

Now Wash Your Numnah Yourself

Zipped bag with label for washing horse items (especialy good on numnahs) and pet items to help prevent hair damaging the washing machine or blocking drains. Hair shakes out after washing.

When washing items covered in pet hair, the hair can damage the washing machine and block drains. This wash bag traps the hair, which is easily shaken out after washing.

For washing all pet items or clothing and especially useful for riding stables with daily wash use and numnah washing.


61cm x 76cm
(24" x 30")

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  • Special zip designed with non-scratch puller to protect washing machines.
  • Suitable for washing (low or high temperature), spin drying and tumble drying.
  • Hanging loop / label for easy hanging and identification.
  • Bright colours for easy finding.

How to Use

    1. Shake off surplus hair
    2. Place items into bag
    3. Wash and spin dry as normal
    4. Remove items from bag whilst damp
    5. Turn bag inside -out
    6. Shake out ready for re-use

Ideal for washing numnahs and other horsewear!

What horse riders say about the Hair Filter Bag:

[1] Your laundry bag for horse numnahs has given my washing machine a new lease of life! After years of unblocking pipes of horse hair and grime I just put the dirty numnah in your bag and wash as usual. I can even do a white wash after the numnahs as I have no grime to clean out first.

[2] After years of being in trouble with my mum for using her washing machine for cleaning my very dirty, smelly numnahs, I have discovered your laundry bag. You just put in the dirty numnah (Washable sheepskin come up a treat – no hairs left and very fluffy), pop in the machine and wash as usual.

No problems and a happy mum!


All sizes are approximate.

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