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Applications for Laundry Products
Product Applications

LATEST APPLICATION: Animal Hair Filter Bag - For washing your numnah

1. Domestic Users of Sock Sorters

2. Commercaial Users of Sock Sorters

3. Football Teams - Washing Nets and Laundry Bags

4. Bras Getting ruined in the Wash?

5. Tidy Up School Lockers

6. Washing Curtains

7. Washing Knitwear / Protecting Jumpers

8. Hospitals

9. Schools (day, primary, secondary, school shops)

10. Protect Washing Machines

11. Nursing Homes

12. Prisons

13. Protecting Underwear / Lingerie / Smalls

14. Lost Socks

15. Scuba Diving

16. Nurseries and Garden Centres

17. Youth Hostels

18. Shared Accommodation

19. Hikers / Camping

20. Day Care Centres and Childrens Nurseries

21. Touring

22. Equestrian Laundry - Horsewear wash bag

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